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A Little About Mr. Hori


Who: Mr. Hori

What: What do I teach? 8th Grade Physical Science. What is Mr. Hori like? I consider myself easy going yet energetic when it comes to teaching; strict but fair; stern but not mean; fun, not boring (well for the most part...) What do I do for fun? I enjoy being outdoors whether it is surfing, fishing, snowboarding, running, camping, hiking, or hanging out with my family and friends at the beach!

Where: Where is my classroom? Room 3. Where was I born? I was born in Hilo, Hawaii. Where did I grow up?8 year in Hawaii and the rest in Redwood City, CA. Where did I go to college? San Jose State University, GO SPARTANS!!! Where do I live? I currently live in San Jose in the Japantown area.

When: When did I start teaching? I have been teaching science at Cabrillo since January 2003. When was my son born? April 11, 2008. When is my birthday? December 30, 1977. 

Why: Why do I teach? Being in education, not only do I have the pleasure to interact with children, but it allows me to learn more about myself, my students, the people I work with, as well as the wonderful world around us!

How: How do I teach science? I belive students learn best through inquiry where students are free to question and test their own hypothesis. I believe they learn best by "doing" (getting their hands dirty) and learning from their mistakes.

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Below are some pictures of my family!

Hori and wife.jpg





Here's a picture of my wife and I at a historic shrine during our trip to Japan in February 2007.



Jackson Takeshi Hori

Here is a picture of my son Jackson just a few weeks after he was born.



Hiking in the Grand Canyon 2006

 It was 105 degrees on our hike. It was a good thing we left early!