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All about Ms. Basi



Educational History:

M.S. Teacher Leadership - San Jose State University

Multiple Subject Credential - Sacramento State University

B.S. Exercise Science/Exercise Physiology - UC Davis

A.S. Biological Sciences - Yuba College

High School Diploma - Yuba City High School

Teaching History:

I have been teaching at Cabrillo Middle School since 1999 (How old were you?)! I have taught 6th Grade Reading, Writing, Math and PE, 7th Grade Health and PE and 8th Grade Math and PE. ILOVE this place!!

Life History:

I was born in Yuba City, CA where I was brought up working in my parent's peach orchard, driving tractors and picking fruit. This is where I learned the meaning of hard work and probably developed my athletic abilities. Some jobs I've held prior to teaching and after picking fruit: Baskin-Robbins Ice cream Scooper, Starbucks Barista, Bank Teller, Chemistry Lab Assistant, Exercise Testing Specialist, REI Clothing Specialist and Physical and Occupational Therapist Aide. I've also worked at National Semiconductor, Lockheed Martin and Applied Materials!

Athletic History:

Field hockey player: High school and college (UC Davis), Snowboarder, Triathlete, Duathlete, AIDS Lifecycle rider (rode my bike from SF to LA!), and ran with a team from Calistoga to Santa Cruz (199 miles) twice!

Travel History:

United States: California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York

Canada: Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler

Mexico: Mexico City, Teotihuacan, Oaxaca, Puebla

Asia: India

Europe: France, England, and Germany

South America: Peru and Bolivia

Central America:  Costa Rica


Foods: Ice cream, chocolate, and pizza. I love coffee, too.

Music: Hip hop, Alternative rock

Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Four Agreements, and many, many more!

Color: Purple and Blue

Movies: Whale Rider, Tombstone, The Terminator, Princess Bride, Finding Nemo and many, many more!!!!!!!!