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Class Policies


Late Work: Late work is not accepted. All work must be turned in by 3pm on the day it is due. If students do not have their homework at the start of class, they will be stamped for On Track.

Absence: Students are responsible to make up all work they miss when they are absent. Students should start by copying the agenda for any days they have missed. The agenda will list any in class or homework assignments they need to make up. Work must be made up by the end of the quarter in which it was assigned.

Name: Work will not be graded if it is turned in without a name.

Extra Credit: At the end of each quarter, students may turn in 1 unused bathroom pass to receive 5 extra credit points. There is no other extra credit.

Redos: If a student has received a grade on a homework assignment (It was turned in on time with a name on it), and they are not satisfied with their grade, they may redo the assignment. Typically this means determining what they did incorrectly and fixing it by writing in the correct answer. Students may redo assignments as many times as they like. NOTE: Journals, group assignments and tests may not be redone.

Group Work: Students are frequently graded on how well they work with other group members. Unresolved conflicts are likely to lower their grade. If students are working on a group project and are having difficulty, they should let me know so I can assist them in solving the problem.

 Team Pass:  Students can earn a team pass in different ways.  One way is to attend Back On Track 6 times.  Team Passes can be used in any class, regardless of the teacher who gave it out.  In Science class, students can use team passes the following ways:

1.  Turn in an assignment late and still receive full credit

2.  Bunny Visit:  You and a friend can visit with the bunny during lunch or after school

3.  Immediate return of any item taken during class


Team Pass does NOT:

Excuse you from doing an assignment

Keep you from getting an On Track stamp