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Audience: Persia Wirth
Posted by: Persia Wirth
Published: 5/31/17

Audience: Persia Wirth and Tech Literacy Site

On MONDAY JANUARY 23rd, we will be completing our projects in the STEM lab.

You need to come AT LUNCH to the STEM LAB.



1. You can pick up your design and pick up instructions so you can iron it on at home.

2. You can wait in line and we will iron your design on for you.  YOU NEED TO HAVE YOUR CLOTHING ITEM WITH YOU IN ORDER FOR US TO IRON IT ON. 


Bag or Pillow:

1. You can pick up your design and iron it on at home and stuff the pillow/ sew the straps yourself.

2. If you show up at lunch and iron on the design, we will sew the straps and stuff the pillow for you.  

We will return them to you the following day. 


Anything not picked up:

Any designs that are left will be given to Mrs. Wirth and she will pass them out on Tuesday. 


I have pillows and bags that belong to the following people:

Emeli L.

Yen T.

Bethany G.

Juan B

Felix M

Max J

Tyler L

Annuthum R

Alex G

Mudra P

Caroline T

Evelyn C

Carlos M.

Emily G

Jason N

Jaden Z

Martha G


If you think I should have yours and I don't, see me IMMEDIATELY.


Questions/ Concerns talk with me or Mrs. Wu immediately


Miss Fitch 

Posted by: Persia Wirth
Published: 1/19/17