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Conclusions Template

Introduction sentence: Does the data support or reject your hypothesis? (one sentence)

Example: The result of this experiment supports/rejects my hypothesis. (or) It appears that my hypothesis was correct/incorrect.



Claim: What did you change and what was the result?

Example: When I changed __________, then _________ happened.

When I increased the mass of the car, the velocity decreased.



Evidence: What data (evidence) supports your claim? (Must be numerical evidence)

Example: The following data supports my hypothesis was correct/incorrect … or This is proven with the following information. The speed of the 100 gram car was 2.0 meters per second where as the speed of the 200 gram car was 1.0 meters per second…



Reasoning: What are some possible scientific reasons to explain your results? (Why did this happen?)

Example: This result can be explained by ….