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6th Grade Science Topics 

Measuring using the International System of Units (SI or Metric system)

1.  Length:  Using a ruler to measure to the nearest cm and 10th of a cm

2.  Using a triple beam balance to measure mass in grams

3.  Using a graduated cylinder to measure volume in milliliters

Matter and Energy

1.  Renewable and non-renewable resources

2.  Fossil fuels and alternative energy sources

3.  Waves

4.  Light and color

5.  Greenhouse effect

6.  Hot House Hotel (HHH) experiments **

Heat Transfer

1.  States of matter

2.  Radiation, Conduction and Convection

3.  Thermal energy and temperature

3.  Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat Capacity

4.  Air and water currents (wind) including hurricanes

Weather and Climate

1.  Earth's atmosphere

2.  Local and global wind patterns

3.  Weather

4.  Water cycle

5.  Regional climates

6.  Global climate change

7.  Global Warming Research Project**

Structure and Function of Cells

1.  Parts of a cell and their function

2.  Body systems

3.  Communication through sensory receptors

4.  The 7 life processes

Growth, Development and Reproduction of Organisms

1.  Environmental and heredity influences growth 

2.  Asexual and sexual reproduction

3.  Adaptations affect reproductive success


Throughout the year

1.  Scientific method and lab safety

2.  Taking notes and how to prepare for tests

3.  Reading and writing in Science

4.  Research skills

** Large projects involving group work


6th grade California Science content standards  

(downloads a word document of the standards)