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Experiment Plan

Research question:

What will happen to … if I …



Independent Variable

The one variable I will change to test:



Controlled Variables:

List the variables that must stay the same:



Dependent Variables:

What I will measure:







Step by step procedures to follow.

Start by listing the materials you will need.



Scientific Diagram:

What the experiment will look like

(2 sketches showing what you changed)




What I predict will happen and why. (Use if, then, because)

If I… then … because…



My Results:

Quantitative Observations (Data Table & Graph)

Qualitative Observations (What did you see happen in the experiment?)



My Conclusions: (Write in paragraph form, don’t just answer the questions)



Introduction sentence. Does the data support or reject your hypothesis?

Ex: My data supports my hypothesis…

Ex: My data rejects my hypothesis



Make a claim. What did you change and what was the result?

Ex: When I changed ______, ______ happened…



Evidence. What data (numerical evidence) supports or rejects your claim?

Ex: The following data supports my hypothesis

Ex: The car with a mass of 10 grams went 2m/s, the car with a mass of 20g went 4m/s.



Reasoning. What are some possible scientific reasons to explain why your experiment turned out the way it did.

Ex: The reason ______ happened is because _______...