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HHH Lab Report

Students measuring the temperature inside their Hot House Hotel (HHH)
Students measuring the temperature inside their Hot House Hotel (HHH)


Each group of 4-5 students designs and carries out their own Hot House Hotel (HHH) experiment. They start by choosing an independent variable to design their experiment around. They write their question and hypothesis, which includes their prediction. Next they make the additional HHHs they will need. They plan out their experiment, creating their procedure. After collecting their data, they graph it and draw their conclusions.

Group Lab Report: Each group writes a report summarizing what they did and what they found out including:

Experimental plan: Their variables, question and hypothesis

Procedure: What they did

Results: Charts and graph

Conclusions: Claim (answer to question) evidence and explanation

Extensions: Problems and their impact

Each group member will have completed each of these steps before writing the report. Group members then combine their efforts to create the group lab report.


Directions for logging into google drive, creating group charts and calculating averages

How to Make a graph in google sheets

How to print your graph from Google Sheets

HHH Lab Report Directions

Sample HHH Lab Report

Directions for HHH Powerpoint and Presentation

HHH Sample Powerpoint