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Hori, Nelson



8th Grade Physical Science



Welcome to eighth grade Physical Science! Are you excited about what is around you? Well, you should be! Whether you enjoy doing kick flips on your skateboard, snowboarding at Squaw Valley, or riding roller coasters at Great America, you are all using Science on a daily basis. Have you ever wondered how your skateboard lands safely under your feet after you ollie? Have you ever thought about what forces are acting on a roller coaster as it loops, bends, and turns? Well many of these questions can be answered by doing what scientists have done for thousands of years. OBSERVE!

Scientists observe the world around them, just like you do. For that reason, whenever you make an observation, you are acting like a scientist. But scientists do more than just observe. They ask questions to know why things happen the way they do. Scientist attempt to find answers in their questions through years of testing. They are determined individuals who put forth their best effort to learn. So take some advice from the scientists, put forth your best effort to learn, be determined, observe, question, and find out for yourself!


Topics Covered:

  • Scientific Method and Measurement
  • Chemistry (Matter, Atomic Structure, Periodic Table, Compounds, Reactions)
  • Physics (Motion and Forces)
  • Astronomy
  • Rocketry


Classroom Rules:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Many other rules can be derived from these two rules, which we will discuss later.



  • The following consequences will be assessed if the classroom rules are not followed.
  1. One verbal warning
  2. After school detention
  3. Referral and parent contact


Grading & Evaluation:

  • Students will be evaluated on labs, projects, homework and tests.
  1. Assignments (Labs, Projects, Class work, Homework, Science Logs, etc.) ~50% of your grade
  2. Tests and Quizzes ~40% of your grade
  3. Participation ~10% of your grade
  • Grading scale:

100% - 94% (A) 83% - 80% (B-) 69% - 67% (D+)

93% - 93% (A-) 79% - 77% (C+) 66% - 64% (D)

89% - 87% (B+) 76% - 74% (C) 63% - 60% (D-)

86% - 84% (B) 73% - 70% (C-) Anything lower than 60% is an F


Website Information:

  • Class Website:
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  • Pinnacle Web: (Check Student’s Grades and Homework):
    • Log in
      • User name: Your student’s id #
      • Password: This will be sent to you in the mail
    • Functions:
      • View your student’s grades, homework assignments, & attendance
      • View your student’s behavior/discipline record