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Lab Guidelines

Lab Report Author ___________________________ Score ______


Checklist for Lab Report

Independent Variable: Variable that you are choosing to change (manipulate)


Dependent Variable: Variable that you measure (responding)


Format: one point for each of the following set up correctly for lab report

Title—does not say Title: The title is centered in the middle of the page.















_____ 1. Title (1 point): Scientific title that contains both the independent and

dependent variables. Example: The Effect of (Indepen. Var.) on the (Depen. Var.).


_____ 2. Question (1 point): Both variables mentioned (What would happen to

(dependent variable) if I change (independent variable)?


_____ 3. Hypothesis (2 points): If the (independent variable) is (increased? or whatever you have chosen), then the (dependent variable) will (increase or whatever you decide will happen) because (scientific reason for expected result).


_____ 4. Materials as a list, no commas (1 point).


_____ 5. Procedure as a numbered list (1 point) Written like a recipe so that your

mother could follow it. Each step is on a new line.


_____ 6. Results: Qualitative (2 points) and Quantitative (2 points) Observations


Qualitative results: Notes from observations that are made during the experiment that might be significant for a discussion of the results.


Quantitative Observations: Data is presented in a DATA TABLE with a title and/or a GRAPH. Each row and column on the data table have a heading and units. Averages are included in the table. Graphs are drawn following the graphing checklist.


_____ 7. Conclusion: Minimum of 4 sentences (9 points)


______ (3 points) CLAIM: Rephrase your hypothesis or question (or just write your hypothesis) and explain whether or not your results support your hypothesis.


______ (3 points) EVIDENCE: Summarize the highlights of your data for your reader. Include exactly the numbers you measured and other observations you recorded in the experiment in short sentences.


______ (3 points) REASONING: Discuss why your results are important and how they are related to scientific information. Write about what happened in the experiment. Include any possible sources of scientific error. You may add what experiment you would do next to further investigate what you found out.