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Material Requests

Materials Needed for Science Projects


Required Material - The two materials listed below are the only things I reqire in class every day.

A notebook dedicated to science and science only

Pencil and Pen


Suggested Material - These materials listed below are not mandatory. (It would just be nice if you had them, no big deal if you don't)

Colored Pencils

Colored Pens


Graph paper


A basic calculator


Other Material - Not mandatory. Throughout the year, we will be working on many projects that require disposable material that may seem like trash to the average person. Therefore, if you have any of the following items below it will be extremely helpful for our classroom:


Racing Can Project: (Early February 2009)

Any type of can with a lid. (i.e. pringles, coffee, peanuts, etc.)

Fishing weights that can be attached to a rubber band.


Toothpick Bridge Building Challenge (TBD)

Flat toothpicks (lots of toothpicks)

Wax Paper

Shoe boxes to take your bridge to and from school


Paper Car Project: (TBD)

Bailing wire, Wire hangers. or thick wires the size of a wire hangers.

Shoeboxes (to cary your cars to and from school)


Rocketry Project: (Late May 2009)

2 liter bottles (soda/juice bottles)

Packaging Tape

Construction Paper

Card Board