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Wish List:

1. Crayola color pencils

    50 pack preferred= more color choice

2. Erasers

3. Pencil sharpeners

4. Sharpies pens- any size or color

5. Hand sanitizer

6. Jergens lotion- ultra healing or with coco butter

    Working with Clay dries out our hands!

7. Hand soap

8. Box of tissues for runny noses! 

Mrs. DeWeese


Sara DeWeese

408 - 423 - 3751

Please visit my Google calendar  for daily lessons and homework.

I also have the same lessons on school loop calendar

ART and Grades

Your patience is needed when it comes to Art grades.

On average it takes at least 2 to 3 or even 4 weeks to finish a project.

I will have smaller assignments due such as sketchbook practice and notes through out.

Also students will need to complete 2 "Famous Artist" sheets per quarter.


There should not be homework.  


Missing Work: Did you WRITE YOUR NAME on it?  

                       Did you fill out a rubric with YOUR NAME on it? 

                       Did you actually turn it in(or is it drying on the rack)?

                       Come see me before or after class ....

                                        so we can look for it and change your grade.


Please be advised that I plan my lessons about two weeks out and that they might change due to teachable moments, need for revision of certain subjects, fire drills or just my enthusiasm when I plan too much in a day.

The use of your time tracker is important because it will (should) reflect the changes made in our daily schedule.

Also, if sick or absent, please 1. check the calendar and 2. call/email a student from class to double check assignments to stay current with the class.

If absent for more than just a day, please email me or call the front office and send someone by to get your homework.


1st  Period - 8th Grade Art

2nd Period - 7th Grade Art

3rd Period - 8th Grade Art

4th Period - 7th Grade Art

5th Period - Prep. time

6th Period - 8th Grade Art