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Grade Sheet:  Students record their grades on the last page of their journal (spiral notebook).  To calculate their grades, all students need to do is add up all the points they've received, divide by the total points possible and then multiply by 100 to get the percentage.

 Points Received ÷ Points Possible X 100 = %

Example:  24/30 would be 24 ÷ 30 X 100 = 80%

Point System:  Everything is graded as points received out of points possible, written as a fraction.  The more points something is worth, the more impact it has on a student's overall grade.  Each quarter, the journal is worth approximately half of the overall points.  Click on the journal page to learn more about it.

Where grades come from:

Tests:  Students may use their journals when taking tests

Assignments:  In class and homework.  Students may redo

Journal:  Spiral bound notebook.  Agendas, notes, lab results and reflections every Friday.   Graded twice each quarter.


Grade scale