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Volleyball Teams

8th Grade Girls

Coach- Kelsey Regan 

7th Grade Girls 

Coach- Heidi Carrier 

7th/8th Grade Boys 

Coach- Jim Wilks 

6th Grade Co-Ed 

Coach- Ralf Cuadro 

Volleyball Schedule

Thursday, September 14th 

vs. Buchser at YAC 


Tuesday, September 19th 

vs. Don Callejon at DC


Thursday, September 21st 

vs. Crittenden at YAC 


Thursday, September 28th 

vs. Peterson at Peterson 


Tuesday, October 3rd 


7th/8th girls @ Buchser 

6th grade co-ed and 7th/8th grade boys @ Peterson 


Thursday, October 5th 





Volleyball Practice

Volleyball Practice- 

Practice will typically be held on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:45- 4:30pm. 



* Most of the time teams will be practicing outside so remember to wear sunscreen and bring a bottle of water, due to the drinking fountains being further away because of construction. 


First Game- 

Thursday, September 14th vs. Buchser 


8th grade girls
8th grade girls
Boys volleyball
Boys volleyball
7th grade girls
7th grade girls
6th grade co-ed
6th grade co-ed