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Class Supplies


Here's what you need to be successful in Science Class. Students should have the following with them every day:

1.  Spiral bound notebook:  (Sewn bound composition books are also acceptable)  This is used as the Science journal throughout the year.  Only Science can be in this notebook, no other subjects.  Students can use 3 or 5 subject notebooks, but will start in the first section and use all of them for science.  As they get close to the end of the notebook, they should have another one ready to go.  Students may end up filling 4-5 of the smaller notebooks during the course of the year.  Taped bound notebooks are not accepted as the pages tend to fall out.  

2.  Metric Ruler:  Minimum 30 centimeters long with 10th centimeter lines.  A standard size metric ruler will have the numbers from 1-30 written on it.  Each number is further divided by 10 small lines (1oth of a cm)  Note:  A 10th of a centimeter is the same thing  as 1 millimeter.  This is essential during the 1st quarter when we learn how to measure length.  It is used throughout the year as a straight edge and for measuring during experiments.  

3.  Pens/pencils:  Students may choose to write in pen or pencil.  When graphing, students are required to use pencil only.  

4.  Colored Pencils:  These are required when graphing and taking more complex notes.  

5.  Binder:  One section of a students 3-ring binder should be labeled for Science.  Homework, returned papers and handouts should be kept here.  

6.  Loose-leaf Paper:  Keep stocked in binder.  

7.  Calculator:  Used for calculating grades and averages during experiments.  

NOTE:  These supplies (except binders and notebooks) are available in the class and can be borrowed if need be.  However, students should bring these supplies daily as a part of being prepared for class.

For a comprehensive list of supplies needed for every subject, see the supply letter sent home with students on the first day of school.