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7thGRADE SCIENCE                                                                                       


The academic focus this year will be on the California state standards for science.  Students will be held accountable for these standards based on their ability level.  They will also be required to keep a copy of these standards in their science notebook or binder.  


1. Pen and or pencil (jelly roll pens are NOT acceptable for graded work)

2. Binder Paper           

 3. Science binder (this can be included in one large notebook or it can be a separate binder)           

4. At least 3 spiral notebooks, 70 sheet.  The first notebook will be given out in class.(for interactive notebook)           

5. Cabrillo Time Tracker (Daily Agenda)           

6. Text books will be given out by the school librarian and taken home. We will also be piloting a new textbook this year that will only be available in the classroom.   


All students will be expected to help create a positive learning environment while in the classroom.  Students who are unable to behave in a mature respectful manner will be dealt with on an individual basis.  The following steps will apply depending on the individual actions and the severity of those actions.                        

1- verbal warning                                    3- detention                        

 2- sent outside                                       4- call home                                                       5- referral to the office                                               


Grades will be a combination of the assignments listed below:            

Daily Agendas  (10% of total grade)           

Class work / Homework  (20% of total grade)           

Interactive notebook (30% of total grade)           

Quizzes / Tests   (40% of total grade) 

Daily agendas:             These will be posted on the board each day as the students enter the classroom.  They are to be copied by the students into their time tracker and turned in each Friday. Agendas inform the students of what will be covered in class and any possible homework they may have. Students who are absent can copy missing agendas outside their regular class period (lunches, after school) and are expected to have a complete agenda.  These will be worth 10 points per week.   

Interactive notebooks:             Students will be required to keep an interactive notebook throughout the year.  This notebook will be used to house all work done for each unit including notes, vocabulary, worksheets, labs and quizzes or tests.  Students will also be asked to complete homework, reflections and assessments within this notebook.  At the end of each unit the notebook will be turned in and graded.  

Test & Quizzes:             Quizzes may be given once about half way through each unit of study.  These will be very short and worth 20-40 points. Tests will be given at the end of each unit, approximately every 5-6 weeks.  They will range in value from 100 to 200 points each.  In some cases students may be allowed or required to use notes or a “post it” (test aide) for a test or quiz.   

Homework:            Since each student will be given a textbook that will be kept at home, homework can be expected 1-2 times a week.  These assignments may include, grade checks, worksheets, workbook or reading and should take no more than 30 minutes.   

LATE WORK            To ensure student responsibility and accountability I have implemented late work policy.  This policy requires all work to be turned in on time in order to earn full credit.  Students who turn in work on the designated due date can earn up to 100% on each assignment.  Late work will ONLY be accepted 1 day after the original due date.  These assignments will only be given a maximum 59%. No assignments will be accepted after the 1 day late period.   Any student who is absent will, of course, have time to make up their missing work.  These students will have the same number of days they were absent to complete their work without loss of credit. 

UNITS OF STUDY           

Weights / Measurements / Metric System (Review)           

Structure of Matter

Cell Biology & processes            Genetics & Heredity           

Earth & Life History            Evolution            Anatomy and Physiology   

I look forward to a great year for your child and I hope that I can engage all students and show them the wonders of science in the world around them.