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Cabrillo Middle School

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    2021-2022 Bell Schedules
    2021-22 Bell Schedule

    ELPAc Testing Starting Feb. 1, 2022

    If your child is scheduled to take the ELPAC (English Language Proficiency Assessment for California) assessment, please review the parent/guardian notification letter (in English and Spanish) for more information.  ELPAC testing begins on February 1, 2022 for all English Language Learner students.

    ELPAC Parent/Guardian Notification Letter (English/Spanish)

    iReady Webinar

    If you weren't able to attend the iReady webinar or want to review it, please click on the link below.

    iReady Webinar link

    Concentric Op-In for Weekly Testing

    Every Tuesday, students and staff who opt in are being tested for COVID-19.  Parents may submit this form (English/Spanish) to opt their student into Covid-19 testing.

    COVID-19 Protocol Information for a Close Contact. A "Close Contact" is defined as someone 6ft or closer for at least 15 minutes. (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)
    *All exposure notices will be sent out to close and non-close contacts within 24 hours of the school learning of a positive case. 


    If the exposed person is a child/youth, follow the recommendations below:

    Quarantine Plan #1: If the child/youth is fully vaccinated and has no symptomsthey may remain on campus However, they still need to get tested on Day 5 after exposure.

    Quarantine Plan #2: If the child/youth is symptomatic (regardless of whether or not they are fully vaccinated)they will need to be tested immediately for COVID-19 and be excluded from campus for 10 days.

    Quarantine Plan #3: If the child/youth is unvaccinated and has no symptomsand both the COVID-19 positive person and exposed child/youth were wearing masks during exposurethe child/youth may remain on campus3 but needs to be excluded from extracurricular activities. The contact should get tested immediately and on Day 5 after the exposure. If the test taken on or after Day 5 from last exposure is negative, the student may resume extracurricular activities on Day 8.

    Quarantine Plan #4: If the child/youth is unvaccinated and has no symptomsand either the COVID-19 positive person or the exposed child/youth were NOT wearing masks during exposurethe child/youth must quarantine for 10 days if untested. The child/youth’s quarantine may shorten to 7 days if they have a negative test 5 days after exposure.

    If your child is unvaccinated, and if the COVID-19 positive case is a household member, all unvaccinated household members must quarantine, monitor for symptoms, and contact their health care providers to schedule testing. If the confirmed COVID-19 case is a caregiver or dependent and cannot be separated from your child, then your child’s quarantine will end 10 days after the COVID-19 positive case completes their isolation. Instructions on how to quarantine can be found at

    If your child develops COVID-like symptoms or your child becomes sick, you should contact a healthcare provider so that your child can be evaluated and get tested for COVID-19 immediately. Anyone, vaccinated or not, who develops COVID-like symptoms needs to get tested right away.

    If your child does not have a healthcare provider, additional testing resources are available through the Public Health Department at Be sure to let the provider know that your child is a close contact to a confirmed COVID-19 case. After receiving test results, we request that you share the results with us – immediately, if result is positive – so that we can ensure appropriate safety measures are being taken on campus.

    Symptomatic – Test for COVID immediately. 

    (A)If test is positiveisolate at home for at least 10 days after the first symptoms started and at least 24 hours after resolution of fever and other symptoms improve.

    (B) If test is negativetest again on Day 5 of 10-day quarantine. Monitor for symptoms and follow recommended interventions (distancing, face coverings, handwashing) for a full 14 days after exposure.

    Asymptomatic –Test immediately and on Day 5.

    (A) If test is positiveisolate at home for at least 10 days after the first symptoms started and at least 24 hours after resolution of fever and other symptoms improve.

    (B) If test is negativetest again on Day 5 of 10-day quarantine. Monitor for symptoms and follow recommended interventions (distancing, face coverings, handwashing) for a full 14 days after exposure; if symptoms develop, isolate and test for COVID immediately.

    Registration Information

    All school registration now goes through the SCUSD Enrollment Center

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    Staff Song to Students- "Stand By Me"
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    Cabrillo Office Hours



    Office Phone Line Hours: 8:00am-4:00pm (408) 423-3700

    Please wear face covering and practice 6 ft. social distancing when entering office


    A School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is published each year for the most recently completed school year for each school in the district. The profile provides information about the school and its students including demographic data, school safety information, academic achievement data, school completion rates, class sizes, teacher and staff information, curriculum and instruction information, postsecondary preparation information, and fiscal and expenditure data.

    Weblink to find Cabrillo's SARC report.


    Cabrillo Mural

    About Us

    Cabrillo was originally opened as an intermediate school in 1962. It was closed in 1982 because of a decline in district enrollment, accompanied by a decision to house all middle school students in the district on two other campuses. Ten years later, a projected upturn in the student population, along with a desire to provide students with smaller, more personalized middle schools, resulted in reopening the campus. As Cabrillo rededicated itself to overall excellence, emphasis has been placed on science, writing across the curriculum, and technology.

    Our student population is culturally diverse, and almost one-third of our students receive free or reduced price lunches. The occupational and educational levels of the parents run a gamut similar to our ethnicity. Approximately 10% of our population receive support from special education services, and about 25% of Cabrillo students are being educated in a language other than the one native to their homes. Diversity makes Cabrillo rich, as students have an opportunity to get a world-view within the confines of a dozen or so acres. The Cabrillo School Community is committed to providing students with a flexible and creative instructional program that employs sound educational practices supported by mutual respect, the acceptance of diversity, and the shared responsibility of school, home and community. The Cabrillo mission is compatible with the district’s intent to, “Prepare every student to succeed in an ever-changing world.”