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Track and Field Meets

We will have two meets during the month of May.

Participating schools-

Buchser Middle School

Cabrillo Middle School 

Don Callejon K8

Peterson Middle School 

Track and Field

Track Meet # 1- Wednesday, May 8th, 2019 

Wilcox High School- 3:00pm start time 

Track Meet # 2- Wednesday, May 15th ,2019 

Santa Clara High School- 3:00pm start time 

Qualifiers- County Meet- Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 



2018 Track Meets

Wednesday, May 16th @ Santa Clara High School 


Wednesday, May 23rd @ Wilcox High School 

Track Events

Running Events 

1. Mile 

2. 1600m relay

3. 400 meter

4. 200 meter

5. 100 meter

6. 400m relay 

7. hurdles


Field Events 

1. High Jump 

2. Long Jump

3. Triple jump

4. shot put 

5. discus