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Counseling Center

Multicultural Welcome Drawing

Middle school is a time of transition and growth. The Cabrillo Counseling Center provides students with academic guidance and social emotional support. Working collaboratively with parents, teachers, and school staff to promote and ensure a safe and healthy learning experience.

Meet the counselors

Mrs. Maciel      Mrs. Tokheim     Mrs. Solorio
Mrs. Maciel                         Mrs. Tokheim                  Mrs. Solorio 

8th Grade Counselor       6th Grade Counselor     7th Grade Counselor       

Parent & Student Educational resources 

Parent & Student Resources 


Naviance is a college and career readiness software that allows students to explore colleges and careers based on their strengths and interests. 

6th Graders will begin Naviance with Road Trip Nation that provides students with countless videos where students will be able to explore, connect, and hear professionals share information regarding careers and higher education. 

7th Graders will be completing the Career Cluster Finder assessment which will provide students insight on their strengths and interests allowing them explore and connect to careers that matter to them

8th Graders will complete the Strengths Explorer assessment which identifies talent themes for each student providing them with their three strongest talents