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Expected Schoolwide Learning Results


Students will be contributing citizens who:

  • Demonstrate integrity, responsibility and perseverance as productive members of society
  • Respect cultural, physical, economic, intellectual, age, sexual, and gender diversity
  • Recognize the rules and processes that govern society
  • Actively participate in the community
  • Act as caretakers of the environment

Students will be effective communicators who:

  • Speak with clarity of meaning and listen to understand
  • Read and comprehend a variety of materials
  • Convey information and ideas in written and visual form

Students will be informed, productive thinkers who:

  • Use creative and critical thinking skills
  • Use diverse strategies in solving problems, making decisions and evaluating results and applying them in real life situations

Students will be self-directed learners who:

  • Set priorities, plan and take action to accomplish goals
  • Manage time and resources efficiently and independently
  • Take on challenges and accept responsibility for making choices

Students will be collaborative workers who:

  • Perform a variety of roles within a team
  • Develop high quality products and services
  • Evaluate effectiveness and apply results to improve performance

Students will be information processors who:

  • Select a variety of resources, including technology, to research and access information
  • Choose the most effective tools to organize, evaluate and apply information