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Bruce A Halen

Link to Mr. Halen's Science Curriculum

My Science Curriculum for this year can be found on this page at the Stanford Curriculum link on this page.  It includes documents for student use that can be downloaded and printed as needed.  Included are a Teacher's Edition that includes Next Generation Science Standards for each lesson and a Student Edition that includes any documents needed by students.  There are two separate links for each resource on  this page.  I hope that you find it useful.


My ongoing goal is to run as close to a paperless classroom (outside of a Science Notebook) as I can this year.  Between the Stanford website that includes my curriculum, I have also started a supplemental website to support the curriculum that is available online.  I have been using this curriculum for the past four years and have not used a textbook during that time.


I have been wanting to develop a website to serve as a textbook-like resource for students, parents and anyone helping to support the kids.  The second website that I want to direct your attention to is Mr. Halen Science. I am envisioning this site  This link is also found on this School Loop site as the supplemental website that I have pictured for the past couple of years.


Further information about me and my program can be found on the Mr. Halen Science link.  It also describes the new Science standards scheduled to go into effect next year.  I am looking forward to a great year and hope these resources help the kids and you to have a good year in science.


There is a third link on this page to a website called "Understanding Science."  It is published at UC Berkeley and is a very good resource for deepening your understanding of what science is and why is vitally important to know how science works whether or not you goal is to become a scientist or an informed citizen that appreciates the value of science.  Please use that resource as well.


Mr. Halen


My Goal for 2018-19: Save the Earth!

Well, we won't be able to save it all by ourselves, but we can help!  By being good Science students and learning about the Earth, we are helping to save it.  Never forget that what you do makes a difference.  We will start to do that immediately.  Our first unit starting the third week of school is about Climate Change, a subject that I think is THE most important issue facing us today!!


Welcome to your first day of middle school!  I hope it was fun and enjoyable.  If it  wasn't, I want to know about it as well.  There simply is no time to be unhappy at Cabrillo.  I'm really serious about that.  Our first goal here is to create a safe environment for learning and for being a kid.  I'm a kid at heart too as you will soon find out.

My name is Mr. Halen and I am one of the two Sixth Grade Science teachers here at Cabrillo.  I love science, field trips, riding bicycles, teaching science and singing.  I love some other things too, including my wife Meredy and four grand children (you see three of them in the picture  at the top of this web page) and I love the Earth.  I am an unabashed tree hugger and I'm proud of it.

There will be lots of new things in middle school.  Like different teachers (several of them), changing classrooms, being around Seventh and Eighth Graders, homework and people.  Lots of things to get used to.  Be patient.  It doesn't happen in one day or one week or one month.  And, you don't have to do it alone.  Your teachers. Mr. Garber, Mr. Auger (O-Jay), Mr. Hori and our awesome counsellors are there to help you.  

One important word of advise.  ASK!  If you need something, have a question or just need to vent...just ASK!

I hope you have a great start to middle school and remember to ask!



Mr. Halen

Cooperative Learning

Our first three weeks of school will be used to learn about how to work together to learn!.  Week One will be used to get to know each other and the rules and procedures of my Science class.  Weeks 2 and 3 will be used to develop the group learning skills that we will use for the rest of the year.  One of the most important issues of this time on Earth is Global Climate Change.  We will be learning more about it during the 2nd Quarter of our Sixth Grade Science year together.


Watch this video clip for a short introduction to Climate Change.


Science Rules!
OMG! Science

Scientists Pledge

We think like Scientists:  


We make thoughtful, intelligent choices.  We take responsibility for our learning.  We discipline ourselves so no one else has has to.


We speak like scientists:


We use our words to build up others, not tear them down.  We use clear, powerful language to express ourselves.


We investigate like scientists:


We challenge ourselves and are not afraid to ask questions.  We constantly seek understanding and knowledge.