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Llywellyn Dorrell Locker

Llywellyn Dorrell

Welcome to 8th Grade

Ms. Dorrell's Class

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Albert Einstein

Is there any other way for parents to see the grades? Certainly. Call Ms. Dorrell directly at 423-3770 or send an E-mail to me at and I will send you your child's login ID and password. Parents and guardians can actually find out the grades for all their child's classes (not just mine) through School loop. Contact a counselor if you would like to set up a parent/teacher conference.  

Soc Science 8
English 8

Lit Circle Week 3A

Assigned: 03/20/19 Category: Reading Journal/Lit Circle Points: 15 Due: 03/27/19

Lit Circle Week 3B

Assigned: 03/20/19 Category: Project Points: 25 Due: 03/27/19

Act 1 Scene 4-5

Assigned: 03/21/19 Category: Homework Points: 20 Due: 03/25/19

Contrast Anne from Play and Diary

Assigned: 03/22/19 Category: Homework Points: 20 Due: 03/25/19
Soc Science 7


SRI score and Technology Access