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Welcome to Science


So...what is Physical Science?

Physical Science is the study of the material world around us. Subjects associated with physical science include but are not limited to physics, chemistry, and astronomy. Physics attempts to describe the motion of objects and the forces which govern the motion. Chemistry attempts to describe the nature of matter, its properties and its interactions. Astronomy describes matter on the large scale such as planets moons and the stars.

So... Why would I want know about Physical Science?

Understanding the the material world around us is what leads to innovations which change the way people live. Can you imagine life without medicine, the internet, or basic forms of transportation. These developments have lengthened lives,and given us oportunity to explore the farthest reaches of the earth via computer or in person. No one can despute the impact of these triumphs of the mind. Yet, for all we have dreamed up, we are still at the beginnin of a long journey in the development of human existence. To understand physical science is to give yourself the shot at being the next person to change the way people live forever. Imagine! You could be the next person to shape the way we live!

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