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Santa Clara University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine



Johnson & Johnson

Abbott Labs

Insight Product Development, LLC

Virginia Tech

Pui Ho Wilson Tsang, Ph.D.


I am a 7th Grade math-STEM teacher.  My teaching philosophy is heavily influenced by the research of Jo Boaler, Professor of Math Education, Stanford University, who sees math as a creative subject as opposed to an exercise of procedure memorization.  I believe in connecting academic content to real-world applications for my students as a means to motivate them.  The importance of focus, coherence, and rigor will be emphasized in the classroom.  Per the California Common Core State Standards: Mathematics, “focus” means depth over breadth, “coherence” refers to building connections among mathematical concepts, and “rigor” places equal emphasis on procedural skill, conceptual understanding, and application.

Current Assignments
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