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Cabrillo Staff Directory

Contact Stan Garber  Stan Garber Principal
Vice Principal
Contact Marc Auger  Marc Auger (408) 423-3702 ex: 3702 Vice Principal
Contact Nelson Hori  Nelson Hori (408) 423-3703 ex: 3703 Vice Principal
Counselors, Psychologists, Speech & Nurse
Contact Jacqueline Armes  Jacqueline Armes (408) 423-3784 ex: 3784 Staff-Wellness Coordinator
Contact Ricena Ljubojevic  Ricena Ljubojevic (408) 423-3730 Psychologist
Contact Timothy Lombard  Timothy Lombard Staff
Contact Maria Carmen Maciel  Maria Carmen Maciel Staff
Contact Maria Solorio  Maria Solorio ex: 3787 Staff
Contact Kimberly Vanhoff  Kimberly Vanhoff Staff
Office Support Staff
Contact Arlene Enriquez  Arlene Enriquez Staff
Contact Brenda Mora  Brenda Mora Staff
Contact Dorothy Nunez  Dorothy Nunez Registrar
Para Educators
Contact Pamela Arellano  Pamela Arellano Staff
Contact Simi Bawa  Simi Bawa Staff
Contact Marisa Busick  Marisa Busick Staff
Contact Kathleen Card  Kathleen Card Staff
Contact Linda Carlson  Linda Carlson Staff
Contact Lori Chavers  Lori Chavers Staff
Contact Roopa Cutinha  Roopa Cutinha Staff
Contact John Herrera  John Herrera Staff
Contact Kristina Hoff  Kristina Hoff (832) 916-5090 Staff
Contact Valerie LaFountain  Valerie LaFountain Staff
Contact TiAndre Lucky  TiAndre Lucky Staff
Contact Jason Rangel  Jason Rangel Staff
Contact Daniel Saavedra  Daniel Saavedra Staff
Contact Debbie Sparks  Debbie Sparks Staff
Contact Jessica Zamora Sauceda  Jessica Zamora Sauceda Staff
49ers STEM Leadership Staff
Contact Janet Wu  Janet Wu Staff
Contact Sean S Andersen  Sean S Andersen (408) 423-3755 ex: 3755 Teacher
Contact Laura Anderson  Laura Anderson (408) 423-3775 Teacher
Contact Raquel Clark  Raquel Clark (408) 423-3781 Teacher
Contact Mark Baker  Mark Baker Teacher
Contact Mary Anne Bowles  Mary Anne Bowles (408) 423-3721 Physical Education and Leadership Teacher
Contact Eric Buscher  Eric Buscher (408) 423-3700 ex: 3788 Special Ed. Teacher
Contact Cheryl Chase  Cheryl Chase (408) 423-3782 7th Grade Science Teacher
Contact Carole Cote  Carole Cote (408) 423-3792 Education Specialist
Contact Ralfpaul Cuadro  Ralfpaul Cuadro Teacher
Contact Sara Deweese  Sara Deweese (408) 423-3751 Art Teacher
Contact Brian DeWester  Brian DeWester (408) 423-3738 Teacher
Contact Llywellyn Dorrell  Llywellyn Dorrell (408) 423-3770 ex: 3770 8th Grade English and Social Studies
Contact Jerome Feldman  Jerome Feldman (408) 423-3749 ex: 3749 Teacher
Contact Kellie Fitch  Kellie Fitch (408) 423-3748 7th grade Making Choices/Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher
Contact Lynne A Formigli  Lynne A Formigli Teacher
Contact Rebecca Gruener  Rebecca Gruener ex: 3739 Teacher, 7th Grade Core
Contact Bruce A Halen  Bruce A Halen (408) 423-3759 ex: 3759 Sixth Grade Science and PE Teacher
Contact Nicole Hulgan  Nicole Hulgan ex: 408 423-3769 Algebra and CC7 MathTeacher
Contact Reyna Jones  Reyna Jones (408) 423-3735 Education Specialist
Contact Heidi Leach-Carrier  Heidi Leach-Carrier Teacher
Contact Teddy Li  Teddy Li ex: 3742 Common Core Math 8th Grade
Contact Glenn Lillie  Glenn Lillie Teacher
Contact Joy Lillie  Joy Lillie (408) 423-3774 ex: 3774 8th Grade CC Math, 8th Grade Read 180
Contact Ana Lopez Rojas  Ana Lopez Rojas Teacher
Contact Catherine Marshall Smith  Catherine Marshall Smith (408) 423-3758 ex: 3758 Reading, Language Arts, Social Science Teacher
Contact Joan Mauer  Joan Mauer Teacher
Contact Raleigh McReynolds  Raleigh McReynolds (408) 423-3734 7th Grade Social Studies / 8th Grade PE
Contact Allison Mine  Allison Mine 8th grade- Physical Education and 8th grade AVID teacher
Contact Pamela Page  Pamela Page (408) 202-1251 Teacher
Contact Mary Pat Phillips  Mary Pat Phillips (408) 423-3740 Teacher/Librarian
Contact Tracy Pope  Tracy Pope Teacher
Contact Rahman Sarah  Rahman Sarah Teacher
Contact Michelle Scilingo  Michelle Scilingo Teacher
Contact Kenneth Slowinski  Kenneth Slowinski (408) 423-3709 Teacher
Contact Christine Smith  Christine Smith (408) 423-3756 Seventh grade science teacher
Contact John Sugrue  John Sugrue (408) 423-3773 Teacher
Contact Susan Tokheim  Susan Tokheim Teacher
Contact Pui Ho Tsang  Pui Ho Tsang Teacher
Contact Xuong Tu  Xuong Tu Teacher
Contact Linda Varveris  Linda Varveris Teacher
Contact Kelvin Walker  Kelvin Walker ex: 408 423-3761 6th Grade Teacher
Contact James Wilks  James Wilks (408) 423-3763 ex: 3763 Teacher
Contact Persia Wirth  Persia Wirth (408) 423-3767 Seventh Grade Teacher: Language Arts and Computer Science
Contact Molly Wright  Molly Wright (408) 423-3771 Teacher
Contact Elizabeth Yoshida  Elizabeth Yoshida (408) 423-3793 Education Specialist