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Principal's Message

Notes from the Principal


Note from the Principal:


Few things bring me as much pride and satisfaction as having worked at Cabrillo Middle School (CMS) for the past twenty-four years. CMS is my place in the sun, where I can go everyday, work hard in a common cause of caring about children and play a little Wiffle Ball. 


Eighty-three people work at CMS, fifty certificated employees (mostly teachers), thirty classified employees (mostly office workers, custodians and instructional assistants) and three administrators.


On Thursday, February 15th, 2018, one of our certificated employees, Joyce Brand, past away after teaching at CMS for twenty-one years, while battling cancer the whole time. I know of no teacher who persevered more.


A perfect mixture of certificated, classified and administrative employees, led by Bookkeeper Claudia Freitas and special education teachers Carole Cote and Elizabeth Yoshida scurried around, seeing to every detail, putting together a memorial ceremony in our cafeteria, the Casa Cabrillo, which reflected exactly who Joyce was to us.


At the end of the ceremony, Kenzie, Joyce’s daughter, spoke eloquently about carrying on her mother’s legacy as a school teacher and we, the staff of CMS; classified, certificated and administrative, were united in the love of a friend.


Stan Garber