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Dear Juan Cabrillo Parents,

On behalf of the Juan Cabrillo Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association

(PTSA), it is our pleasure to extend a warm welcome to the families of the approximately 900 students who will be attending Cabrillo this year. Our all-volunteer PTSA staff works in harmony with the school administration in maximizing the power of parent members to create the best possible experience for our students.


Our group provides volunteer and financial support, facilitates communication between Cabrillo parents and staff, hosts monthly Dining for Dollars fundraising events, hosts parent education evenings and we add a layer of hospitality to major school functions throughout the year. After a difficult year off campus, I am excited to see everyone again at school events!


We need your participation!


If you are a new parent at Cabrillo, we would love to harness your passion and experience. If you are a returning parent, I need your help to rebuild the traditions of the Cabrillo staff and parent community that made us a great school pre-pandemic. Please watch School Loop Headlines for information on upcoming PTSA events and volunteer opportunities.


It is easy to participate! The PTSA holds one regular meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7pm. These meetings are a quick, efficient way to learn about current school events from the staff representatives and other involved parents. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings!  Joining the PTSA for only $10 helps to fund PTSA community events and grants you voting privileges at all PTSA meetings.

Michael Goodson

Juan Cabrillo PTSA President 2021-22

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PTSA Executive Board for 2022-2023:

Michael Goodson

Bertrand Toublet

Liz Perez

VP Fundraising
Melinda Lutz

VP Membership
Andy Wissink

Gaylene Goodson

Michelle Tang

Scot Fairchild


Juan Cabrillo PTSA Calendar  
August 18, 2022 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
September 1, 2022 Back to School Night, GA Meeting 
September 15, 2022 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
October 20, 2022 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
November 17, 2022 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
December 15, 2022 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
January 19, 2023 GA Meeting via Zoom 
February 16, 2023 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
March 16, 2023 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
April 6, 2023 GA Meeting 
May 18, 2023 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom
June 8, 2023 Exec Board Meeting via Zoom

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