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Volleyball Teams

8th Grade Girls

Coach- Cheryl Chase

7th Grade Girls 

Coach- Cheryl Chase 

7th/8th Grade Boys 

Coach- Ralf Cuadro 

6th Grade Co-Ed 

Coach- Ralf Cuadro 



congratulations to the 2019-2020 7th/8th grade boys volleyball  10-0 record 

Volleyball Practice 

Practices typically begin at 2:45pm and end around 4:30pm. All four teams usually rotate between the gym and grass area, so players will need to be prepared to be both inside and outside with a water bottle. 

Game Days

At most school sites, there will be two games going at once with 8th grade girls and 7th/8th grade boys starting first at 3:45pm. 

The second games will be 6th grade co-ed and 7th grade girls after the first games have finished. 

volleyball schedule 2020-2021